Bio Agents

Bio Agents has 3 primary objectives:

1. Hosts an annual online Biology competition for middle school students, the National Biology Bowl

2. Sponsors Biology-related research projects for middle school and high school students

3. Provides free Biology and science classes to young children. Visit our website: www.bioagents.org/ 

Revolutionary Press

Revolutionary Press is a Non-Profit Organization publisher based in Southern California. A group of writers and avid readers came together in late 2020 with the idea of helping aspiring authors a publishing channel in the highly competitive modern literary world.

We believe anyone who has a writer's heart should have the opportunity to get their stories heard by the world. Visit our website: www.revolutionarypress.org/ 

Fable Music

Fable Music is recruiting young singers in the Los Angeles and Orange County regions in Southern California and the Seattle region in Washington to form music bands. 

We are looking for students from middle school and high school. Both boys and girls are welcome. No instruments necessary. Visit our website: www.fablemusicrecords.com/ 

Psychology Research Group

Psychology Research Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the scientific research on human psychology. We investigate human psychological phenomena such as depression, introversion /extroversion, popularity, and morality. All our research is based on scientific evidence and in line with the most up-to-date scientific findings.

Visit our website: www.psychologyresearchgroup.org/ 

Spacetime Guardians

Climate Change Task Forth

CCTF is the only youth climate organization that can potentially make an impact on the world's carbon emissions, not through protests or political activism, which have not worked so far as 2023 was by far the hottest year on record, but through the modification of our own diets and lifestyles.

We work tirelessly to reach out to schools around the world to promote our climate curriculum, and we host conferences and events for youth around the world. Visit our website: www.cctfyouth.org/


Welcome to the website of Anti-Aging Research Group! We are scientific researchers who conduct research to discover ways to postpone and maybe reverse human aging, which we believe is not inevitable. 

Our research projects have won awards at various science fairs. Visit our website: