It is easy to apply for Prestige STEM Academy programs. 

Follow these six simple steps to complete your application process.

1. MEET WITH A SCHOOL COUNSELOR: A meeting with Prestige STEM Academy counselor may be scheduled to discuss academic goals, course selection, and any specific needs or concerns the student may have.

2. COURSE SELECTION: Students, often with the guidance of a Prestige STEM Academy counselor, select their courses and electives for the upcoming academic year.

3. REGISTRATION FORMS SUBMISSION: Parents or guardians submit completed registration forms along with all required documents to the school's administrative office. 

4. VERIFICATION AND APPROVAL: The school administration reviews the submitted documents, verifies eligibility, and approves the registration.

5. PAY FEES: Parents or guardians are provided with information on the program costs and how to pay them. 

6. RECEIVE CLASS SCHEDULE: Once the registration process is complete, students receive their class schedules, detailing the courses they will take and the teachers they will have.