Our students are able to choose between credit vs. non-credit courses and

group vs. 1-1 sessions for a comprehensive K-12 curriculum

Elementary Grade Levels (1st-5th)

The Prestige STEM Academy's elementary grade-level, full-year, credit-awarding courses are highly structured with minimal flexibility. 

Each year, students engage in daily English and Mathematics classes that not only meet but often surpass the common core standards

Additionally, students explore weekly social studies and science topics integrated into their English and Mathematics curriculum as supplementary material. Physical education is also embedded within these sessions to provide students with opportunities for physical learning. 

The available classes include English Grade 1 through Grade 5, and Mathematics Grade 1 through Grade 5, all of which meet daily for a total of 2-3 hours. For further details, please feel free to contact admissions.

Elementary Class Schedule

Middle Grade Levels (6th-8th)

Prestige STEM Academy does not offer full year, credit-awarding courses for middle grade levels (6th-8th). 

However, we have partnered with another private school that specializes in instruction for 6th-8th grade students. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

Middle School Class Schedule 

Upper Grade Levels (9th-12th)

Upper grade levels have the most flexibility when it comes to full-year credit courses.

If you are a part-time credit-earning student, you may register for any of the courses available if you satisfy the pre-requisites. See our admissions page for more details.

If you are a full-time credit-earning student, you will be assigned an academic counselor at the beginning of your enrollment, and will select classes together with your academic counselor at the beginning of each school year.

Full course catalogue of the high school (upper grade level) credit-awarding classes.

High School Schedule