Prestige STEM Academy has unique courses and services in comprehensive 

teaching and professional interest cultivation.


Prestige STEM Academy offers distinctive courses and services aimed at providing comprehensive education and nurturing professional interests. Our commitment lies in delivering personalized learning experiences, cultivating students' breadth of knowledge and passions, and empowering them to excel in showcasing their academic accomplishments.

With over two decades of educational expertise, Prestige STEM Academy has crafted a unique educational paradigm spanning elementary through high school levels, each stage marked by clear learning objectives.

First Stage (Grades 4-7):  Foundation Program

Initiate preliminary exploration of student interests, filtering out areas of disinterest.

Establish a robust foundation in knowledge and fundamental skills through the Prestige STEM Academy curriculum.

Build a solid and distinctive knowledge structure and foundation that reflects individual characteristics.

Second Stage (Grades 8-12):  Competence Development Program

Cultivate students in three directions: Academic Abilities, Extracurricular Activity Planning, and Competence Enhancement Education.

Academic Abilities encompass reading, writing, research, programming, and more. Introducing the 'Young Pathfinders Program (YPP)' at Prestige STEM Academy, students can delve into various industries from as early as 7th and 8th grades, establishing expertise in potential career paths. Leveraging the resources at Prestige STEM Academy, we foster students' enthusiasm for their interests, guiding them to invest time and effort in shaping their strengths and accomplishments within their chosen fields.

Our Extracurricular Activity Planning encompasses competition training, team building, participation in competitions, volunteer opportunities and leadership activities, and providing research guidance. This holistic approach is tailored to cultivate and develop each student's unique professional interests and achievements.

Our Competence Enhancement Education focuses on fostering and refining emotional management, time management, interpersonal skills, and communication abilities. These crucial skills, which set exceptional students apart from their peers, are developed and honed through the comprehensive curriculum and college planning guidance at Prestige STEM Academy. This emphasis on holistic development not only distinguishes our students in college admissions but also ensures priority admission to prestigious universities, surpassing competitors from the same school.


While traditional high schools typically commence in the 9th grade, the Prestige STEM Academy educational system recognizes the advantages of starting in the 8th grade for children.

The five-year Prestige STEM Academy high school training plan ensures students develop a strong professional foundation, engage in extensive exploration and practical experiences within their professional interests, and enhance their comprehensive competitive abilities.

8th Grade

Utilize the YYP course to pinpoint professional interest pathways and pre-prepare by studying relevant 9th-grade credit courses.

9th-10th Grade

Foster student interests through credit courses, competition clubs, and tailored training programs. Achieve recognition through competition successes or research endeavors.

11th-12th Grade

In addition to ongoing 9th-10th grade credit courses, participation in competition clubs, and specialized training programs, Prestige STEM Academy offers comprehensive guidance for Ivy League and elite college admissions. For academically gifted students, we provide tailored university credit study plans. For those less inclined towards competitions and research, we offer high school-level university credit study programs and assistance with transfer applications.

Furthermore, students specializing in fields such as biology and medicine, economics and finance, and computer science can benefit from pre-professional or specialized training initiatives.

As students approach 11th and 12th grades, our university admission planning services kick into high gear. This includes guidance on the admission process, crafting activity lists, main and supplementary essay support, assistance with school selection, early application strategies, interview preparation, recommender selection guidance, online application assistance, waitlist management, and supplementary admission guidance.


Throughout 9th and 10th grades at Prestige STEM Academy, we provide students with a comprehensive array of educational resources, including credit courses, competition clubs, and specialized training plans.


Prestige STEM Academy is a fully accredited private school offering a dual-certified AP course system accredited by the College Board, with both textbooks and teachers certified. Additionally, our course system is certified by the California A-G system.

By enrolling in honors, AP, and advanced college-level courses at Prestige STEM Academy, students fulfill requirements and can seamlessly submit official transcripts to universities during the application process. Exceptional performance in these credit courses also enables our teachers to provide high school recommendation letters in support of students' college applications.


Exceptional students who excel in the competition club system at Prestige STEM Academy are highly sought after by Ivy League and other top-tier universities.

In recent years, Prestige STEM Academy's competition clubs have demonstrated remarkable success in various prestigious competitions, leading to outstanding admission outcomes. These include:

Students who join Prestige STEM Academy's competition clubs, guided by expert teachers with competition experience, have consistently achieved remarkable results. For instance, annually, a significant number of students coached by Dr. Lin secure spots as USABO Semifinalists, consistently ranking first nationwide. In the 2022 USMDO, representing the United States in the IMDO finals, 50% of the U.S. national team members hailed from Prestige STEM Academy. Through diligent preparation within our educational system, students have successfully gained admission to their dream top-tier schools.


In 11th and 12th grades, Prestige STEM Academy goes beyond offering regular credit courses and standard college planning services. We provide Elite College Planning Programs, Pre-medical Programs tailored for students interested in biology and medicine, specialized programs in Economics and Financial Science, Computer Science Cultivation Programs, and University Credit Programs designed for exceptional students who have solidified their college majors.