Prestige STEM Academy offers a fully accredited private school, an enrichment program, college counseling, and a wide variety of activities and clubs.

At Prestige STEM Academy, we have been devoted to helping our students develop as whole people for two decades. We focus on academic excellence, teacher-student mentorship, and custom-designed educational plans that allow students to reach their highest potential in primary and secondary school and beyond. 

Our basic stats include:


Our private school employs a three-stage cultivation plan for grades 4-12 and a unique 5-year high school program, both of which help students to develop their interests and establish a strong educational foundation from an early age. See Private School for more information. 


We offer enrichment courses in language arts, social science, math, natural science, and technology, among others. Our top-rated instructors that can supplement high school programs and boost academic achievements. Our course catalog can be found here. We also offer summer camps and online and in-person courses over the summer.


Our counseling team through the Cambridge Education Consultation Group helps students to fulfill their dreams of attending elite colleges. Our college admission results speak for themselves - check out our News & Events page. 


Prestige STEM Academy has a robust list of extracurricular programs. In particular, our student clubs in economics, biology, math, physics, computing, and writing have resulted in outstanding awards and achievements from our students. For example, in the 2022 USMDO, representing the United States in the IMDO finals, 50% of the U.S. national team members hailed from Prestige STEM Academy. We also offer volunteer opportunities in STEM, music, and writing through Creative Odyssey, our partner nonprofit organization.