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The Quantitative Psychology Summer Camp aims to provide a comprehensive experience for students aspiring to pursue psychology in the future. It integrates cutting-edge developments in the field of psychology, such as quantitative social science techniques and mindfulness. 

In addition, the start of the summer camp is designed to help students better understand and appreciate cultural elements in the United States and the Bay Area, especially those related to entrepreneurship and innovative knowledge.

Dates: 07/17 - 07/31 , 2024

Location: Palo Alto, California (Stanford University)

Objective: Preparing students to study psychology at the college level

Daily activities include: Mindfulness Training & Quantitative Psychology-themed Training

Suitable grades: 8-12


Our Seattle Science and Math Competition Training Camp is specially designed for students in grades 5-8, aiming to help them understand how to navigate science and math competitions and adapt to the competitive atmosphere through practical training. 

What sets us apart? Experienced and Distinguished Instructors, including:

Dates: 07/01 - 07/12, 2024

Location: Bellevue, Washington

Objective: Helping students to build a Solid Foundation in STEM & Writing, especially in preparation for future competitions

Daily activities include: Science Competition Training & Math Competition Training

Suitable grades: 5-8


The USMDO Training Camp is an advanced biology course specifically designed to prepare students for the United States Medical and Disease Olympiad (USMDO). The USMDO tests medical subjects related to biology, including biochemistry, molecular cell biology, genetics, biotechnology, bacteria and viruses, human physiology, and human diseases.

The USMDO Training Camp will comprehensively cover all these topics in depth over a period of 5 days. At the conclusion of the training camp, students will participate in a simulated USMDO exam.

Dates: 07/31 - 08/10 , 2024

Location: Irvine, California

Objective: Preparing students for the 2024 USMDO

Daily activities include: reviewing essential biology and medical-themed knowledge for the 2024 USMDO

Suitable grades: 8-12