Public Speaking

The purpose of the Public Speaking course is to develop students' ability to speak in public, establish basic logic and rhetorical skills, and practice speaking through a variety of structured activities. Students will learn and practice critical academic and vocational skills, including logical thinking and debate structure, which are directly analogous to the academic and professional writing process. Students will also learn to choose a speech topic, construct a compelling opening, organize the content of the speech, and create a convincing conclusion. Emphasizes classic rhetorical approaches to the triangle of emotion, credibility, and logic, with in-depth discussions of modern interpretation and expression.

Responsive to cultural nuances and varying levels of English language mastery, this course is suitable for all students wishing to improve their public speaking skills. By developing exceptional presentation skills, students will be prepared to excel in school, achieve their dream careers, stand up for their beliefs and values, and become leaders in their schools and communities.

Duration: 10 Weeks * Every FRIDAY

Time: 7:00-8:30pm (PST)

Grades: suitable for 6-8 graders

About the Instructor

Ms. Rebecca graduated from Brigham Young University, Idaho with a Bachelor of Science in University Studies and a minor in English. Ms. Rebecca has more than ten years of experience in primary and secondary education in the United States. She is good at mobilizing students' enthusiasm in class, using vivid teaching to attract students' attention and cultivate concentration.

Ms. Rebecca's degree included the study of many subjects: botany, geography, history, grammar, theory of literary criticism, writing, reading, basic mathematics, and literature, including children's literature, and an understanding of medical disorders, terminology, drugs, and procedures . Ms. Rebecca is a teacher who is loved by students. 

She is passionate about teaching and focuses on developing students' critical thinking and creativity. She is good at stimulating students' interest in the humanities and encouraging students to express boldly and think independently. Under her guidance, students not only achieve academic excellence, but also develop self-confidence and leadership skills.



All materials and sources will be provided in class.


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