AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science aims to give students a deep understanding of scientific principles, concepts and methods in nature, so as to understand the inherent interrelationships in nature. The course requires students to identify and analyze natural and man-made environmental problems, and to assess the relative risks posed by these problems, while exploring alternatives to address or prevent them.

This course encompasses multiple disciplines, including geology, biology, environmental studies, environmental science, chemistry, and geography, among others. The course aims to cultivate students' comprehensive application of scientific knowledge and methods, as well as an interdisciplinary way of thinking, so that they can better understand and solve the complex environmental problems facing us today. By taking the AP Environmental Science course, students will develop scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills and lay a solid foundation for future academic and professional development. 

Duration: 30 Weeks * Every SATURDAY

Time: 3:00-5:00pm (PST)

Grades: suitable for 8-12 graders

Students are expected to complete two years of high school experimental science courses: one year of life science and one year of physical science (eg, one year of biology and one year of chemistry). Since the course requires quantitative analysis, students should also take at least one year of algebra. It is recommended that students have taken Earth Science courses (but not required).

About the Instructor

Sabrina Rentschler is an experienced AP Biology educator with a wealth of teaching experience and professional expertise. Sabrina is a top-performing student in the Biology program at UC Berkeley, possessing an outstanding academic background and a deep understanding of biology. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree. Her expertise and enthusiasm will provide students with a profound learning experience, inspiring their interest in life sciences and a spirit of exploration. 

She is responsible for teaching courses including STEM subiects such as AP Psychology, AP Environmental Scienceand AP Biology. Ms. Rentschler, is passionate about teaching, and her teaching style is well-loved by students. Through her guidance, students excel and perform exceptionally well in both humanities and STEM fields. With her professional knowledge and extensive experience, she delivers excellent education to students, aiding them in achieving success in their academic and personal development.