AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry is an advanced chemistry course offered by the College Board, aiming to provide high school students with more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of chemistry. AP Chemistry course usually includes theoretical study, experimental inquiry, and scientific research. The goal of the  AP Chemistry course is to enable students to master the core knowledge and skills of the subject of chemistry, so that they can enter university to study chemistry or related fields after graduating from high school.

This course has the California A-G course certification, meets the standards of the University of California curriculum system, and is recognized by most American universities.

Duration: 30 Weeks * Every SATURDAY

Time: 3:00-5:00pm (PST)

Grades: suitable for 8-12 graders

Students should have successfully completed a general high school chemistry course and Algebra II.

About the Instructor

Ms. Nilsa Smith has been a mathematics and science teacher since 2006 and has extensive teaching experience in various teaching positions. She is in the Prestige STEM Academy team dedicated to teaching chemistry courses. Under her guidance, our students have achieved a 100% pass rate on the AP Chemistry exam, with most of them getting a perfect 5.

Ms. Nielsa is a highly respected educator who inspires students' interest in mathematics and science and serves as a role model for her unique teaching methods and expertise. She pays attention to the personality and learning needs of students, and is committed to providing individualized learning support for each student. As the teacher in charge of the chemistry course, Ms. Nielsa is passionate about imparting chemistry knowledge and guiding students to have a deep understanding of the basic principles and practical  applications of chemistry. She has brought an excellent reputation to the school with her rich teaching experience and excellent teaching results.