Creative Writing ( Competition)

Creative Writing for Middle School Students Competition aims to cultivate students' creativity, self-expression ability, and stimulate their enthusiasm for writing. Students are encouraged to continually challenge themselves technically and artistically through tutor-led daily writing, one-on-one guided assessments, group editing sessions and presentations of creative work, emphasizing expressive writing as a process rather than hard-and-fast rules or formulas.

Our mentors always encourage students to discover and refine their own unique voices, with the ultimate goal of publishing-ready students' work. Students develop confidence and skills as they write and edit, becoming more effective writers. Creative writing also has many benefits for students whose goal is not to become a published author. It unleashes creativity, reduces stress, and guides students toward future fulfillment and academic success.

Duration: 10 Weeks * Every FRIDAY

Time: 4:30-6:00pm (PST)

Grades: suitable for 6-8 graders

About the Instructor

Mr. Kyle Tabas graduated from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media Arts. Mr. Kyle has created and produced various projects for the production company Nutthouse Pictures. His responsibilities include refining scripts, developing original content, and conducting character casting and location scouting, all with the aim of making feature-length films. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the film and is able to troubleshoot any issues with a script, whether it's dialogue, continuity issues, character development, or plot complexity. He is skilled at building screenplay concepts to suit any genre or need. Teacher Kyle's talents are prominent in character development and research, ensuring each film's world is full, richly textured and refined.

Mr. Kyle focuses on practice and encourages students to continuously improve their creative skills through writing exercises and feedback. He also advocates free thinking and innovation. His classes focus on unlocking students' creative potential, helping them develop skills in story building, character development, and emotional expression.