At Prestige STEM Academy, we encourage students to explore new passions and develop known interests. All our graduates are taught to think critically and communicate effectively, and these skills transfer extremely well into their extracurricular activities.

Clubs & Activities

Prestige STEM Academy is partnered with the non-profit Creative Odyssey for our extracurricular club activities. Students and supervising teachers directly work within Creative Odyssey to make their ideas into reality. Notable projects and clubs include:

  • Revolutionary Press

  • CO Chess Team

  • Bioagents

  • Climate Change Task Force

  • Turing Labs

  • The Bioinformatics Initiative

After School

Consistent with our philosophy of flexibility for our students, Prestige STEM Academy offers after school help and tutorials for struggling students, This includes after school 1-1 tutorials, group homework help sessions, and teacher office hours.

These services are not only for our credit students, but also non-credit students as well. Please contact our team in order to get more information regarding our after school programs.