Math Basic 2

Math Basic 2 is a competition prep course for 2nd Grade students. It is in a series of basic math classes to build the foundation for AMC 8 preparation.

In particular, this class focuses on arithmetic basics for lower grade (2-3) Elementary School students (Counting, Number Sense, Place Values, Math Operations, Pattern Recognition, Model and Number Sentences).

Scheduled Courses

Currently Scheduled:

  • Fall 2021 (Group)

    • 12 Sessions (7/29/2021 - 10/14/2021)

    • 1 Hour each Session (Thursday 7:00PM-8:00PM PST)

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About the Instructor

Dr. Eric Yang

Image by Łukasz Konieczka

USC Viterbi

Shanghai JiaoTong U.

Dr. Eric Yang received a PhD in Computer Science and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the USC Viterbi graduate school of engineering. Before this, he was a junior mathematics champion in China, and attended the Shanghai JiaoTong University as a computer science student. He is current the CTO of C5 solutions, a tech company specializing in enterprise software.

Dr. Eric Yang has taught with the Cambridge Education Group for 15 years, and is passionate about teaching coding and mathematics. He currently directs our competition mathematics curriculum, as well as our early introduction to computer science and coding curriculum.