K.B., Harvard, Class of 2019

When K.B. came to Cambridge, he had little success in math competitions. Dr. James Lin identified K.B.'s talent in biology, and convinced K.B. to take it easier on the math competitions and to try out the national and international biology competitions. 

K.B. took this advice, and turned his talent in biology into a passion. After countless successful competitions in biology, he was later accepted to his dream school, Harvard.

J.M., Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2019

J.M. was an international student from Seoul Foreign School and came to Cambridge with a relatively low SAT score and an average GPA. However, he had a love of computer science that could be seen just by talking to him. We instantly knew that he needed the interview portion of the application to give him a chance at the top computer science universities. 

Therefore, we focused his attention to entirely computer science based activities, which both made him happier, and helped him develop his passion and talents. CMU saw this talent and decided he would fit in their nationally acclaimed computer science program.

S.L., Brown University/RISD, Class of 2019

S.L. had a passion in art and design, but came to Cambridge with a very low GPA (60th percentile in her class). We worked with her to develop her portfolio and resume, and built her application to show an overwhelming passion in the arts. 

She ended up getting into Brown University, RISD and the Brown-RISD dual degree program, and is now studying to become a graphic designer.

JY., Yale, Class of 2018

When J.Y. came to Cambridge in his Junior year, he had done nothing to prepare for college applications. He had taken no SAT tests and very few AP tests, and although he was a great writer and loved photography, he had not participated in any competitions or joined any clubs. 

After consultation with Dr. Lin, J.Y. immediately got to work. He founded a photography club at his high school, obtained an almost perfect score on the SAT, and addressed several of his deficiencies. He was accepted to Yale Early Action.

C.C., UC Berkeley, Class of 2018

When C.C. came to Cambridge he had pretty nice numbers on paper, but lacked in activities. In fact, he was part of no clubs, no organizations, no community service events, no internships, and no jobs. Since he came to us in the Junior year, we had to make some quick fixes to get him involved with his community. 

We, together with C.C., came to the conclusion that we should focus on community service and internships, as it was already late to apply for school related clubs and organizations. Leveraging his last year involvement in his community and the Junior summer internship we found together, C.C. eventually ended up getting accepted to all the UC's as well as Cornell university. He finally chose UC Berkeley's scholarship options over Cornell's Ivy League standing.


"I just want you to know I have been accepted to Harvard! Thank you for everything you have done for me." 

- M.B., Harvard ‘21

"Thank you Cambridge for everything you have done." 

- B.B., UC Berkeley '20

"Miracles really do happen! Thank you for your hard work, I was quite a handful.”  

- M.K., UPenn ‘19

"I was born in the US but moved to China due to my father's work. It was around 6th grade so I couldn't quite catch up to the language level required to take the Chinese college exam, so I decided to apply for US colleges, but I also found it very difficult to apply for US colleges from China, so I looked to apply for British Universities. They were still challenging, but doable. 

Cambridge Consultation helped personalize my application, and made my most mundane achievements seem special." 

- K.L., Oxford '19

“As an Asian, male, engineering student from Southern California, it was very difficult for me to gain entrance to any good engineering programs in the United States. I had gone to 2 other counseling firms before Cambridge Consultation, and over the course of 6 months became very frustrated with the application process. The essays were never the way I wanted them to be, and I felt like the application process was a mess. 

Finally, after I was rejected from my early application, I decided to try Cambridge Consultation. The people at Cambridge helped me build my application profile to its highest potential, and very quickly, I became more and more confident in my application. I only worked with them for a month, but it was much more effective than the other 6 months that I wasted. I ended up getting accepted to 5 of the 8 Ivy League schools, in addition to John's Hopkins and all the UC schools. I only wish that I had known about Cambridge Consultation from the beginning." 

- R.Y., Dartmouth '19

"Cambridge Consultation really helped me out with my application to the US and British Universities. I'm originally from China, where we take 1 exam to determine what university we go to, and so the process of Western college applications was very foreign to me. 

Cambridge Consultation helped me build my application so I showed the best of both Eastern and Western cultures in my essays, and really allowed me to tell the colleges I applied to what my story was. In addition Cambridge Consultation really built my confidence, and helped me and my parents navigate the overseas college application, the financial aid process, the [matriculation] process, and my personal career calling."

- X.W., UCLA ‘20