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Dr. James Lin

UC Berkeley

Dr. Lin, with an outstanding academic background and rich research experience, has become a key educational leader at the Prestige STEM Academy. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, earning bachelor's and master's degrees in biology, as well as a doctorate in medicine, encompassing in-depth research in various fields.

His academic exploration extends across multiple branches of biology, specializing in botany, zoology, evolutionary biology, and ecology. His research on various aspects of life has provided him with profound insights into the functioning of ecosystems and the evolution of life.

In the field of research, Dr. Lin has not only made significant contributions to the academic community but also earned praise for his meticulous guidance of students. Many students under his guidance have achieved outstanding results in the California Science Fair and notable rankings in the International Creative Engineering Science Competition (ICEF).

In 2023, 15 students guided by Dr. Lin achieved remarkable success in science exhibitions. Among them, four Prestige STEM Academy students won awards at the Orange County Science Fair, another four students gained recognition at the LA County Science Fair, and seven students excelled at the San Bernardino County Science Fair. This series of outstanding performances not only showcases the talents and potential of the students but also highlights Dr. Lin's exceptional ability in guiding student research.

Dr. Lin is not only an excellent doctor, scientist, and writer but also an inspiring educator. His teaching methods are well-loved by students, as he can present complex scientific concepts in an accessible manner, sparking students' interest and curiosity. His guidance is not just the transmission of knowledge but also a caring and guiding force for students' future development.

Dr. Janet Jiang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Dr. Jiang, vice principal of Prestige STEM Academy, is primarily responsible for teacher training and curriculum design at the school.

Dr. Jiang has a strong interest and sense of responsibility for education. In the 20 years of growth at Prestige STEM Academy, she has adhered to the principle of unbiased teaching, dedicating herself day by day to the down-to-earth task of education. Continuously cultivating her knowledge in psychology, she faithfully fulfills her responsibility in nurturing students. 

She firmly believes that integrity, knowledge, and educational quality are key to success. While undertaking the mission of education, she deeply understands the importance of cultivating students' character and knowledge background. In this process, she believes in the saying: "Learning increases day by day; following the Dao results in loss day by day." Excellent education goes beyond knowledge transmission; it involves the cultivation of inner qualities and a focus on students' mental health and growth.

In college admission services, she deeply understands the needs and challenges of students. Integrating psychological care into college admission services, she provides personalized support and guidance for each student, along with psychological counseling support.

Areas of expertise: Biology, Biomedical Sciences, STEM majors, competition training, guidance on scientific research projects, parent-child education, emotional intelligence education, and psychological counseling.