AP English Language

The AP English Language and Composition course focuses on the development and revision of evidence-based analytic and argumentative writing, the rhetorical analysis of nonfiction texts, and the decisions writers make as they compose and revise. Students evaluate, synthesize, and cite research to support their arguments. Additionally, they read and analyze rhetorical elements and their effects in nonfiction texts—including images as forms of text— from a range of disciplines and historical periods. (https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-english-language-and-composition)

Scheduled Courses

Currently Scheduled:

  • Fall 2021 (Group)

    • 30 Sessions (9/7/2021 - 4/26/2022)​

    • 2 Hours each Session (Tuesday 6:00PM - 8:00PM PST)

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About the Instructor

Martha Vasquez

Image by Łukasz Konieczka

Martha Vasquez is one of the star teachers at the Cambridge Group. She has gotten raving reviews from her students consistently throughout the years. Furthermore, her AP students have performed exceedingly well on their exams under her tutelage, Martha specializes in English Language Arts teaching, and has designed many of Prestige STEM Academy's English curriculums.