Advanced Biology

This private high school class teaches various Biology topics at the level of upper-division college courses and is designed for high-achieving high school students. It covers all important topics in Biology in great depth and detail. The official textbooks for this course are Essential Cell Biology by Alberts et al, Human Physiology by Sherwood, and Campbell Biology

The students will earn high school credits for Advanced Biology, which will be indicated on the official transcript issued by Prestige STEM Academy.

The students will also be offered opportunities to compete in Biology competitions such as the Biology Olympiads (US, British, Canadian), the Medicine Olympiad, and the Brain Bee.


Scheduled Course

Currently Scheduled:

  • Fall 2022 (Group)

    • 24 Sessions (8/7/2022 - 1/29/2023)

    • 2.5 Hours each Session (Sundays 5:00PM - 7:30PM PST)

About the Instructor

Dr. James Lin, M.D.



Started in 2012, Dr. Lin has taught Honors Biology, AP Biology, and college-level intermediate and advanced Biology classes.


Dr. James Lin, M.D., studied Biology (including Ecology, Evolution & Plants) at UC Berkeley and graduated with high honors, studied Evolution & Animal Behavior for his Master's Degree, and studied Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Physiology in medical school. He has made major contributions to the understanding of the biological basis of human behavior.

Students who took Dr. Lin's Biology classes in the past excelled on AP Biology exam and Biology competitions. Many of them attended colleges such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT and other elite colleges, as well as top BS/MD programs.

AP Biology