Young Pathfinders Program (YPP)

The Young Pathfinders Program (YPP) is a 3 quarter program that guides 7th and 8th grade students towards better understanding of why they learn. Students often tell us that they don't understand why they have to learn algebra and history, and the Young Pathfinders Program aims to bridge that understanding so that students better understand the role of education in their life paths.

The Fall quarter of YPP focuses on having students gain exposure in different industries they may find themselves in. Every week, students learn about one possible industry they may enter in the future. These industries/fields include: medical, finance, academia, engineering, sales, entrepreneurship, tech, data-science, and a few others depending on guest speakers and what is hot in this particular year.

The Winter quarter of YPP focuses on soft skills, and is primarily a book-club format that goes through classics such as Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People and Ray Dalio's Principles.

The Spring quarter of YPP focuses on students actually pitching and planning projects and clubs that they may want to pursue/start in high school. It allows students to take their understanding of which industries they may want to enter into as well as the soft skills they studies in the Winter and build into something they may want to develop and pursue in high school.

Duration: 10 Weeks * Every WEDNESDAY

Time: 6:00-7:00pm (PST)

Grades: suitable for 6-8 graders

About the Instructor

Mr. RJ Yang received high honors in both Computer Engineering and Economics from Dartmouth College, and went on to work at Bridgewater Associates as an investment logic engineer before joining Prestige STEM Academy full time. He is currently part of the Booth Scholars program and specialized in algorithms and mathematical finance.

RJ has been teaching with the Prestige STEM Academy team for the last 10 years, and is especially excited to help students learn how to think algorithmically. RJ now heads Prestige Tech, the Prestige STEM Academy technology and quantitative science department. RJ also teaches most of the classes within Prestige Tech himself, and develops curriculum for other math and science courses at Prestige STEM Academy.