Prestige STEM Academy

Our School

Prestige Stem Academy is an academically excellent, STEM focusing ,college preparatory school committed to an empowering environment in which students realize their greatest creative, ethical, intellectual, and physical promise. We are defined by an energized, attentive, and diverse student-teacher culture. Prestige STEM Academy is a special place to grow for the challenges of a fast-changing world. As per our mission, we try to provide maximum flexibility. As such, our students are able to choose between credit vs. non-credit courses and group vs. 1-1 sessions for a comprehensive K-12 curriculum (ranging from state standard and ELD level courses to AP and competition level courses).

The school was started as an enrichment-only program in 2001 by Dr. Janet Jiang, and has grown to include credit-awarding private school classes and degree-awarding programs. Because of the schools roots, Prestige STEM Academy continues to provide enrichment based courses, but has shifted its focus towards a more traditional private school approach as well.

Our Mission

Prestige STEM Academy aims to serve students who struggle within the public school system. We believe that each student has a unique situation that must be addressed flexibly. While many students may fit in well within the public school system, we've found that there are quite a few who need specialized attention and programming to learn to reach their full potential.

At PSA, we provide a holistic education that teaches students how to think and communicate. Within these parameters, we aim to be as flexible as possible so that each of our students can properly attain an education under his or her specific circumstances.

Core Values

Excellence • Integrity • Community Independence Perspective


Prestige Stem Academy embraces academic and personal excellence, wherein each student is treated as an individual and has the opportunity to strive and attain his or her best. Excellence is not a single standard held aloft, but rather something to be measured from within each member of the community and celebrated by all.


Students develop a strong moral base and ethical understanding as members of a principled learning community. They are encouraged to act with honesty, respect, and compassion.


Close, meaningful student-faculty relationships further both the intellectual pursuits and the process of personal development. A strong sense of community prevails, along with an understanding of the commitments and responsibilities such a community requires from each individual in order to thrive.


Students are given increasing independence and responsibility for their own learning in order to foster intellectual curiosity, creativity, and confidence. Consequently, they have many opportunities to grow and thrive both as individuals and as leaders within the school community.


Academic and extracurricular programs encourage the broadening of student perspectives and provide an exposure to both the surrounding community and the wider world. Experiential learning opportunities form a healthy, challenging part of Prestige Stem Academy’s program.


The relationship between teacher and student is at the heart of every excellent academic institution. Prestige STEM Academy cultivates this relationship by providing a dynamic learning environment that facilitates positive growth among all members of the school community. Prestige STEM Academy students advance their knowledge through thoughtful discussion and the exploration of ideas. At its core,Prestige STEM Academy develops students who are as keen to realize their potential as their teachers are to inspire it.